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Clubs and activities are offered on Mondays and Thursdays. Each year, we make every effort to run as many clubs as possible.

All students wishing to participate in any after-school activity, (intramurals, team sports or clubs), throughout the year must have a parent complete and sign the the Intramural Permission Form, Student and Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form. All forms are done electronically via the Intramural Sports Registration link.

Under "Documents" is a list of the club/activity offerings. 

In order to participate, all students must submit an online registration which is listed under "Forms."

Additional information for individual clubs/activities is located under "Links."

  • TMS has late buses that take students home after the after school activities on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Each late bus leaves at 4 p.m.
  • For the list of late bus stops, please visit the TMS Main Office or Cafe Bulletin Board.

Please contact Matt Narwold, (, if you have any questions.


12/2 - Boys Home Game vs Hillcrest (@4:00pm)

12/4 - Boys Home Game vs RLMS (@3:30pm)

12/5 - Girls Home Game vs Madison (@4:00pm)

12/9 - Boys Home Game vs FWMS (@3:30pm)

12/16 - Boys Home Game vs Wooster (@4:00pm)

12/19 - Girls Home Game vs Flood (@4:00pm)

1/6 - Girls Home Game vs Jockey Hallow (@4:00pm)

1/9 - Boys Home Game vs Madison (@4:00pm)

1/13 - Girls Home Game vs Hillcrest (@4:00pm)

1/16 - Girls Home Game vs FWMS (@3:30pm)

1/22 - Girls Home Game vs RLMS (@3:30pm)

1/23 - Boys Home Game vs Flood (@4:00pm)

1/27 - Girls Home Game vs Wooster (@4:00pm)

1/30 - Boys Home Game vs Jockey Hallow (@4:00pm)