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Dean of Students

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as Dean of Students. The Tomlinson Middle School community is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff who work every day to enrich and develop the diverse and engaged group of individuals that make up our student body.

As Dean of Students I provide support for, and advocate on behalf of, all students. I also strive to assist students in the resolution of problems, provide information about school resources and activities, and promote initiatives that address students’ needs and interests.

My number one priority is to serve the students at TMS, and to make their experience at TMS a positive and enriching one.  I want to make sure all students feel safe both physically and emotionally every day!  I encourage all students to take full advantage of our unique school community during their time here.

Yours truly,

Matt Narwold 

Mr. Narwold

Matt Narwold

(203) 255-8434